Honda Household Gas Engine

The Honda Household Gas Engine Co-generation Unit

Helping families produce electricity and heat with high efficiency

Honda continuously develops a wide range of power products that make work easier and everyday life more comfortable. Based on this goal, Honda began developing technologies to help people use energy in the home more efficiently. High-efficiency household energy products have become an important part of people’s daily lives, helping them cope with the increasing utility costs to power their home. One such product is the Honda Household Gas Engine Cogeneration Unit.

From a single primary energy source—natural gas or LPG—the cogeneration system produces two forms of energy—electricity and heat—with exceptional efficiency. As compared to using electricity generated via thermal power generation and a water heater burning natural gas, a family using the Honda household cogeneration system can significantly reduce their energy expense as well as reduce CO2 emissions.

However, until Honda developed the technology to make cogeneration units compact, they were extremely large and suitable only for factories, hotels and other commercial installations. The technologies Honda derived from decades of developing compact engines and generators made possible the creation of compact cogeneration systems for the home. Honda cogeneration units burn natural gas to generate electricity, at the same time making efficient use of the heat energy produced by combustion. As a result, families can realise significant savings on home power and heating expenses.


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