Aussie Govt has killed off the Grom…

Honda Grom no longer available in Australia

Aussie Govt has killed off the Grom…

New legislation coming in to effect in Nov 2021 requires new bikes under 125cc to feature combined or 2-Channel ABS and bikes over 126cc to feature 2-channel ABS

Note: All bikes that are produced/sold prior to November 2021 are and will always be road legal. This is not retrospective and only affects supply of brand new bikes going forward beyond the November deadline. Does not apply to pre-owned/used bikes.

Honda Australia have confirmed the Grom will not be made available with 2-channel ABS (only single channel) so now is your last chance to order one, with deliveries due in September and October 2021

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Other models affected include:

CT125 Hunter Cub (Single channel)
C125 Super Cub (Single channel)
Z125 Monkey (Single channel)
ADV150 (Single channel)
PCX150 (Single channel)

The XR190CT will continue to be available but only as an off-road/non-ADR variant.

We are hopeful Honda will look to introduce 2-channel ABS to these models in the future so they may return to the Aussie market.

View the legislation here: